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Here at Trademark Home Inspection, LLC we pride ourselves on dependable, thorough, and affordable mold inspections and testing. Our detail-oriented inspectors do not cut corners when it comes to investigating the nooks and crannies of a home – especially when it comes to potential mold. We understand the importance of your investment and work hard to guarantee you know exactly what you’re purchasing before you sign that dotted line.

We make it our duty to proudly service the citizens of Livonia in zip codes 48150, 48151, 48152, 48153, and 48154. Located in the northwest of part of Wayne County, Livonia is ninth largest municipality in Michigan, and prides itself on being both family and community-focused, with many different things to do like visit Greenmead Historic Park.

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Why is mold inspection service necessary when buying a home?

An inspection can reveal potential mold problems in a home that you might not otherwise notice. Mold can be toxic, causing both health problems for your loved ones – and potential costly damage to your property. Mold is part of the natural environment, and can be found everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Mold is not usually a problem, unless it begins to grow indoors. The best way to control mold growth is to control moisture. One of our professionals can suggest the best course of action to take to repair and maintain those issues properly in the future.

If you’re in the market to buy a home, without an inspection, you can’t make an informed decision about whether the home is worth the money being asked. If you are currently living in the Livonia area and suspect your home has a mold problem, we can help correct the problem and control the moisture to eliminate more mold growth in the future.

What you can expect during your inspection?

Trademark Home Inspection, LLC offers professional mold inspections. Though there are physical signs of mold like musty odors, lifting tiles, flaking paint, cracks on walls, and green stains, sometimes there can be a mold problem without any visible signs. We will inspect your home for water sources and mold growth that pave way for mold problems that can’t be detected by an untrained eye. With a thorough investigation of your home, along with proper testing procedures, Trademark Home Inspection, LLC will determine whether a mold problem is affecting your family's health and eating away at your home.

We offer multiple packages to fit each client’s personal needs. Our inspectors also take a great deal of care to ensure the home is inspected from top to bottom and that detailed notes are taken in each area of the house – along with photos and samples to accompany those notes. We then turn the notes and photos into an easy-to-read report for you and your realtor (if you’re looking to buy or sell).


Livonia Mold Inspection and Testing Packages

Limited Mold Inspection

This mold inspection package is limited to one area or floor of the home such and an attic, a bedroom, or a basement.

Inspection of 1 area or floor of the home

Full Digital Report of The Findings including Recommendations

Up to 4 Samples including Laboratory Fees 

Laboratory Report Included

Full Mold Inspection

This mold Inspection package includes the entire home including the outside.

Inspection of the Interior and Exterior areas of the home

Full Digital Report of The Findings including Recommendations

Up to 6 Samples including Laboratory Fees

Laboratory Report Included

Clearance Mold Inspection

This mold inspection package is designed for those who have recently had remediation and includes the remediated and adjacent areas.

Inspection of the Remediated and Adjacent Area(s) of the home

Full Digital Report of The Findings including Recommendations

Up to 3 Samples including Laboratory Fees

Laboratory Report Included

We also offer both air and surface sampling methods

Air sampling for mold is done to see if an elevated level of mold spores exists in your home. This is done by taking air samples inside your home as test samples and comparing them to samples taken outside, used as control samples. In general, the concentration of mold spores inside your home should be lower than the concentration of mold spore outside of your home. Along with air sampling, our inspectors also perform a visual examination of the property to determine if a mold problem exists in your home or business.

Surface sampling for mold is usually performed when there is a visible presence of potential mold. There are two typical ways to take a surface sample. The first way is a Tape Lift sample in which a piece of bio-tape is placed over the suspected area and the sample is retrieved. The other method is a Swab sample in which a sterile swab is rolled over the suspected area and placed back in a container containing a gel to preserve the sample.

Any of the methods above need to be done by a trained mold inspector as they all have their limitations and only after a thorough mold inspection can a testing plan be developed. After testing is complete the samples will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.

Whatever your home inspection needs, Trademark Home Inspections, LLC. is a dependable, solid, and affordable choice.

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