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Wood Destroying Insects

Anyone who is in the market to purchase a home should consider having a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection by a qualified WDO inspector as it is always in the buyer’s best interest, and should be looked upon as an important part of the home-buying process.

At Trademark Home Inspection, LLC we take a tremendous amount of pride in servicing the citizens of Plymouth, Michigan in many areas including zip code 48170. An epitome of a community, Plymouth has its share of beautiful neighborhoods, spacious parks and a vibrant downtown with a variety of shops and restaurants that surround a park.

If you’re in the market to purchase or sell a home or business in Plymouth or if you suspect termites or other wood-destroying insects are in your current home or business –

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Why is a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection important?

Termites are social creatures. Like ants, they live within colonies and take care of their families. While on the surface, this may sound sweet, the truth is termites can destroy a home or business – causing extensive damage in a fairly short amount of time. In fact, termites are one of the top threats to U.S. homeowners. They eat wood, which means their meals consist of support timbers and structural frames – costing homeowners more than $5 billion each year in the U.S. alone, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Commonly referred to as a “Termite Inspection” or “WDO Inspection,” a wood destroying organism inspection looks for evidence of termite infestation, wood-devouring beetles, wood decay and evidence of past infestations that cause damage to wood and ultimately destroy a home. It also determines whether an environment is conducive to infestation.

The most common types of wood destroying insects include carpenter ants, termites, and powder post beetles. These small creatures can cost you thousands of dollars in damages before you’re even aware there’s an issue. Termites and other wood-eating insects can enter a home through small cracks in the foundation – gaps as tiny as the width of a business card. And while termites cannot damage concrete foundations, they can damage nearby wood sources including support structures. Once a structure is infested, they typically call it their home.

What to expect at your WDO Inspection:

Trademark Home Inspection, LLC will send an experienced professional to inspect the exterior and interior of your home or business. During the outdoor inspection, they will check for signs of termite activity like termite shelter tubes. The inspector will also determine whether the environment is conducive to termite and other wood-eating insect infestation, looking for dead tree stumps near the structure, wood that’s too close to the ground, leaky gutters, improper grading, and trees or branches overhanging or touching the home or business.

On the interior of your home or business, one of our detail-oriented inspectors will closely assess the inside of the structure, spending ample time in the basement or crawl space, garage, and attic space. They will also spend extra time inspecting the window and door frames, along with other areas that are prone to infestation. Our inspectors are considerably knowledgeable when it comes to destruction caused by wood-eating insects and will not only visually inspect these areas, but also probe, tap, and check for specific sounds in susceptible wood.

Of course, our inspectors will investigate thoroughly, looking for live termites and other insects, dead termite “swarmers,” which are wings shed by termites, and other debris left behind. Lastly, our inspectors will check to see if environmental conditions are conducive to infestation, signs such as excessive moisture levels.

The inspector will take notes throughout the inspection and photos when necessary. They will also report their findings on a standardized inspection form that was developed by the NPMA. Any necessary notes or photos will be attached to the report to clarify their findings.

Plymouth VA Mortgages Require a WDO Inspection

We want to first express our gratitude for your service to our country! If you’re in the market to purchase a home in Plymouth and you’re seeking a VA mortgage, it is required you have a WOD Inspection performed. The seller of the home is typically responsible for ordering the inspection, paying for the inspection, and providing the inspection report.

To help speed up the process, Trademark Home Inspection, LLC is certified to perform this service and will provide all the necessary paperwork for the VA. We can perform this service at a discounted rate during the buyers’ inspection if they are using Trademark Home Inspection, LLC.

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