We offer Our Heros Discount

We Love Our Everyday Hero’s

heros dicountAs we live life, we often forget about those who sacrifice so much to make it all possible. We are talking about our everyday Hero’s. The military who serve everyday putting their life on the line to protect our freedoms, The police who risk their lives to keep us safe at home, the first responders who suite up every day to be there for us in an emergency, and those who educate us to help us live a better quality of life.

One characteristic that seems to hold true among all of these Everyday Hero’s, is that they generally ask for little in return. Often their efforts can go overlooked. That is why Trademark Home Inspection, LLC has developed our Hero Discount.

If you are a Police Officer, a Firefighter, an Educator, Military, or a Rescue worker active or retired and are in need of any of our services you will receive a $25.00 discount as a small token of our appreciation.



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