Local Service Providers

Below is a list of local service providers to help you with your home related projects. Trademark Home Inspection, LLC recommends getting at least three estimates and researching all companies before deciding on a local service provider.

Mold Remediation

DriForce Emergency Services

Nick Fritz
(248) 885-7851

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Great Lakes Remediation

Patrick Kintz
(248) 887-6654

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Well and Septic Inspections


(248) 486-1753

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D & H Environmental

(248) 366-0553

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KT Septic Evaluations LLC

Kris (248) 499-3966Terry (248) 640-1119

Sewer Camera

Drains Unlimited LLC

William Trotter
(734) 536-0232

Michigan Sewer Scope

Brian Rohe
(248) 224-5820

AAAA Sewer and Drain Cleaning

(248) 399-8595


CRG Electric, LLC

(734) 757-4308

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Efficient Electric, INC

Michael Nemecek
(734) 765-5406

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Heating & Cooling

Proficient Heating and Cooling

Quentin Hicks
(734) 620-9580

Technical Hot & Cold

(734) 326-3900

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Mike Rice

(248) 807-5981

Radon Mitigation


(734) 761-3595

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SWAT Environmental

(734) 971-0446

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Two Men and a TruckĀ 

Julienne Couchenour
(734) 722-6683

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Handyman Services

Heath Smith
(734) 725-1291

Home Services

I-Know-A-Guy-Window Cleaning

John Mitchell
Pam Mitchell
(734) 578-4257

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APS Residential Services

Roy Nye
(800) 264-7120

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SPS Glass Block

AAFAQ "Chuck" Chughtai
(884) 482-7378

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H-Cubed Landscaping

Robert and Heather Hamilton
(734) 732-6200

Title Companies

Embassy Title Agency

Kate McCarty
(734) 293-2000

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Sarah Fierk
(734) 812-2870

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Real Estate Agents

The DeAngelo Team

Debbie DeAngelo
(248) 240-3443

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4 All Your Moves

Kent Tyrrell
Lisabeth Riopell
(734) 502-0510

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REMAX Classic

Amanda Richardson
(734) 323-2140

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Dave Richards
(734) 751-1639

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Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

David Wilson
(734) 260-0522

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Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

Kellie Smith
(734) 453-6800

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Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel

Devon Smith
(248) 444-0392

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