Chuck Krantz – Client Care Coordinator

Hello, my name is Chuck and I am a Client Care Coordinator here at Trademark Home Inspection, LLC. I live in Livonia, Michigan. I have been married to my wonderful wife Lisa since 2003.  We have two beautiful children Jayda and Jordon. Jayda is a cheerleader and Jordon, just like his dad is a big sports fan. Our family are HUGE Detroit Lions football fans. My wife and I have season tickets and our yearly tradition is for all four our us to attend an out of town game. Our family also goes to the Thanksgiving Day game together.

My Work History

I worked the typical odds and end jobs growing up such as cutting grass and shoveling snow for the neighbors and also several paper routes.  I worked for Kmart in high school. After college I worked in warehousing for Toys R Us and Domino’s Pizza. Around 2000, I landed my dream job as a dealer at Motor City Casino. Unfortunately, due to a disability, I had to quit. I now have the great opportunity to work for a great family owned business here at Trademark Home Inspection, LLC.

What I Do For Trademark Home Inspection, LLC

As the Client Care Coordinator, I am one of the first people our clients come in contact with. I answer calls and help our clients with the home inspection process. Once someone calls, it is my job to make scheduling the home inspection process go as smooth as possible. It is my job to explain what our company offers as far as home inspections and figure out what package we offer best suits the need of that particular buyer.

We are a family owned company and our motto is “Let our family help your family” My teammates and I pride ourselves in making our clients feel like part of the family.  Buying a house is a very stressful time and our job is to make it as stress free on the client as possible. From our first contact, through the inspection process and beyond we are here to make our clients feel like part of the family. We are here to answer any questions they have before, during, and even after the inspection is complete.

Why I Love Working At Trademark Home Inspection, LLC

Trademark Home Inspection is a great company to work for. There are several reasons for this. The owners treat all team members as family. Not only are we respected on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. Our company is very laid back and we can come and talk to the boss about any issues we have.  He is open to suggestions about making the company better and will listen to any ideas.

I also love the fact that ALL of our teammates truly make our clients feel as comfortable as possible during the whole home buying experience. Trademark Home Inspection, LLC. Is true to their motto of “Let our Family Help Your Family”.

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