Thermal Imaging Services

Home Inspector using a thermal imaging cameraInfrared Thermal Imaging (also known as infrared) is a technology that allows us to see things that are not normally able to be seen with the naked eye by showing temperature differences in the area being scanned.

Since infrared radiation is emitted by all objects with a temperature above absolute zero according to the black body radiation law, thermography makes it possible to see one's environment with or without visible illumination. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature; therefore, thermography allows one to see variations in temperature. Though infrared thermal imaging is not x-ray technology a properly trained thermographer is able identify issues inside a home that otherwise can go undetected by the human eye alone.

Why Use Thermal Imaging?

In the first image you see what the human eye sees. It looks like a perfectly normal wall. However, in the second image you see what the thermal imaging camera sees. The second image shows that there is evidence of a leak in the wall that without the use of a thermal imaging camera would have gone undetected until the leak caused excessive damage.

Before Thermal Imaging

A before thermal imaging picture

After Thermal Imaging

A picture showing after thermal imaging
Trademark Home Inspection, LLC is Infrared Certified

Thermal Imaging Can Detect

  • Pipe and duct work leaks
  • Faulty wiring, breakers and fuses
  • Hidden moisture intrusion
  • The moisture sources of mold
  • Roof and ceiling leaks
  • Foundation cracks

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