Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Wood Destroying InsectsAlthough commonly referred to as a “Termite Inspection” or "WDO Inspection" A wood destroying organism inspection looks for evidence of infestation by termites (both subterranean and dry wood types), wood decay, wood-devouring beetles, as well as evidence of past infestations, damage to wood, or conditions conducive to infestation; and evidence of past treatments.

Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Powder post Beetles are the most common types of wood destroying insects. They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home before you even know there is a problem. This is because once they have infiltrated your home they often live within it.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspections are required for a VA Mortgage

First, let us say thank you for your service. If you are purchasing a home in Southeast Michigan and getting a VA Mortgage, it is required to have a wood destroying insect inspection. This inspection is not allowed to be paid for by the buyer of the home but is normally ordered by and paid for by the seller.

To help speed up the process Trademark Home Inspection, LLC is certified to perform this service and provide all the necessary paperwork that needs to be submitted to the VA. We can perform this service during the buyers inspection if they are using Trademark Home Inspection, LLC to perform their inspection at a discounted rate.

A Proper Termite Inspection (WDO) Inspection

A proper termite and WDO inspection consists of several steps, which may not necessarily occur in this order:

An inspection of the exterior of the home, looking for signs of termite activity (such as termite shelter tubes, shown in the picture on the left), as well as conditions conducive to termite and other WDO infestation (such as wood that is too close to the ground, dead tree stumps by the house, improper grading, leaky gutters or downspouts, or tree branches overhanging or touching the home). The inspector will also look for evidence of infestation by other wood-destroying insects.

An inspection of the interior of the home, with special emphasis on the basement, garage, door and window frames, and other areas that are particularly prone to WDO infestation. This part of the inspection will be both visual and physical, and typically involves visually inspecting, tapping, probing, and sounding susceptible wood. The inspector will also be looking for live termites or other insects, dead termite “swarmers”, other evidence of infestation (tubing, frass, signs of prior treatments, etc.), damaged wood, and conditions conducive to infestation (such as excessive moisture levels).

This is reported on a standardized inspection form developed by the NPMA and adopted by various state and federal agencies, and may sometimes include additional documents attached by the inspector to clarify the inspection findings.

Everyone should consider a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection when purchasing a new home

Too many people look at the pre-sale WDO inspection as an annoyance imposed by their bank. But the reality is that termites and other wood-destroying insects cost homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars every year in treatment costs and damage repair. In view of this, everyone should consider having a proper and thorough inspection by a qualified WDO inspector as it is always in the buyer’s best interest, and should be looked upon as an important part of the home-buying.

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